All I want for Christmas is…. (Tech Comm edition)

I’ve been a good little technical communicator all year. At least I think I have. If I’m on Santa’s Nice list and not his Naughty list, this is what I hope he’ll bring:Santa Claus

  • A good understanding of who my readers are
  • User stories or scenarios that accurately describe the tasks my readers are trying to do
  • SMEs who take documentation seriously and make themselves available
  • A doc plan that spells out what everyone expects of me — and what I can expect from them
  • Managers who understand that good technical communication is good for the bottom line
  • Tools that let me create and update content, store content, and (especially) publish content to different formats without turning myself into a contortionist
  • A good editor

Here are some things I do not want to find in my stocking:

  • A brand new release of the authoring software, with major changes to the user interface, right in the middle of a project
  • Overpromising by upper management: “Sure, we can ship all of those features by next month”
  • Silos that make it hard, if not impossible, to develop content collaboratively
  • Last-minute translation requirements (and come to think of it, last-minute anything)

What’s on your Tech Comm holiday wish list?

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