How I Can Help You

Whether you’re a one-person business or a large corporation — or anything in between — contact me for help with any of the following.

Technical writing:

  • Technical and “how to” materials
  • Research papers and articles
  • Policies & Procedures documents
  • Writing from client-provided materials

Technical editing:

  • Substantive edit: Logical flow, consistent presentation
  • Copyedit: Mechanics, clarity adherence to guidelines
  • Production edit: Page layout, integration of graphics/text


  • Standard indexing services


  • Develop materials for classroom or online presentation
  • Deliver standup classroom training
  • Deliver webinars/remote instruction


  • Content strategy
  • Aligning technical content with business goals
  • Information architecture
  • Process improvements
  • Managing information development projects
  • Converting content to new formats

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