A season of significance (World Series special)

The Red Sox have met the Cardinals in the World Series twice during my lifetime.

  • 1967: The impossible dream. A young team, with a rookie manager (Dick Williams) reverses years of losing and wins a thrilling four-team pennant race.
  • 2004: The end of the curse. The Sox take down the Yankees after losing the first three Championship Series games, then win the Series for their first championship since World War I.

In other words, the two most significant seasons in Red Sox history.
2013 World Series logo
Is 2013 any less significant? Playing in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre bombing, with “Boston Strong” emblazoned on the outfield grass, the Sox lifted up their city and were lifted up by it. (Don’t miss this great piece by ESPN’s Jerry Crasnik.)

What about the Cardinals? It’s impossible not to like them too. They’re a team, not a group of individuals. They play the right way. They have some of the best fans anywhere. My head says they’ll win this Series because of their pitching depth and clutch hitting.

But my heart says that Boston will find a way. Sox in six.

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