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Are you ready for the future of content?

Guess what’s become a hot topic in the content strategy blogs? Good writing.

Brittany Huber laments that there’s so much bad writing out there, and offers some keys for finding the “really good stuff.” For Brittany, the good stuff is clear, scannable, accurate, and inventive.

Meanwhile Kathy Wagner sounds a call for well-written content, saying that good content engages, persuades, and just plain feels good. Kathy points out that “[a]udiences are typically affected in a positive way by one of two things: a truly compelling story, or well-crafted writing.”

quill penAs a writer I’m thrilled. This is right in my sweet spot. Despite what I’ve said about “good enough” being the new measure of quality, I’m delighted to hear content professionals reassure me that craftsmanship still has value.

So if everyone’s in favor of good writing, why aren’t there oceans and oceans of good content out there?

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Good, not perfect

Like you, I’ve sat through all of those motivational talks. Quality is Job 1. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Nothing less than your best.

And I get it. I strive for quality. I try to do my best all the time.

But a funny thing is happening: the definition of quality is changing. Some people are very uncomfortable with that, but that makes it no less true. I wrote about this change a while ago, in a piece called Redefining Perfection.

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