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If you had just one day

We technical communicators are consummate professionals. We take our jobs seriously, 365 days a year.

We seek to inform, instruct, and assist. Never to entertain. We leave that to other, lesser scribblers. Yessir, we’re all business, all the time.

And yet….

What if we had one day when the rules were different? A day when we’d still write informative, accurate content, but when we could let our professional hair down just a little?

I’m not talking about writing some whimsical placeholder text, and then deleting or replacing it right away. I’m talking about an imaginary world in which we could haveĀ a whole day to write stuff that was off kilter, and publish it, and there’d be no repercussions.

Did you ever wish you could have a day like that? Did you ever think about what you’d do?

I’ve thought about it. Continue reading