It’s time to vote, STC

In much of the world, including North America, the Society for Technical Communication (STC) is the leading professional society for technical communicators. It sets the pace for information and networking, providing a forum for exchanging news and information among practitioners and academics. Its body of knowledge contains a rich repository of research and best practices in the field of technical communication.

2017_election_header.pngSTC is also an association run by volunteer members. Today through March 10, STC members can elect the next slate of volunteer leaders: a Vice President, a Treasurer, 2 Directors at Large, and 2 Nominating Committee members.

The successful candidates will lead STC for the next 2 years – or, potentially, for 4 years, because the Treasurer and the Directors at Large will be eligible to run for reelection when their terms expire in 2019.

I’ve made the case before for voting in the STC election – and I’ve bewailed the traditionally low rate of participation. Here’s part of what I wrote then:

I myself have recited the mantra that every candidate is well qualified, and therefore STC stands to gain regardless of who’s elected. By expressing that view, perhaps I’ve unwittingly helped tamp down the voting percentages.

Why vote, if every candidate is equally good? Because every candidate is different. Each one comes to the election with their own set of priorities for STC, and their own set of experiences. Take time to learn which candidates’ views and experiences align most closely with your views about what’s best for STC. Then vote for those candidates.

You might never hold a leadership position in STC. Still, I urge you to exercise your right as a member – and as a participant in our profession – to help decide who’ll lead STC into the next decade. Learn about the candidates. Ask them questions in the candidates’ forum. Look for the email from STC containing instructions. Then vote.

This year I have one more favor to ask. I’m running for a spot on the Nominating Committee. I invite you to read my candidate statement, and I’d very much appreciate having your vote.

4 thoughts on “It’s time to vote, STC

  1. Ray

    Larry, as a former 2-time board member, I want to thank you for your offer of service to STC. As you point out, STC’s board and nominating committee are volunteers. It behooves all members to take just the small amount of time needed to familiarize yourselves with the candidates and vote, as a way of thanking the volunteers who invest so much of their time in this service.

    Should anyone wonder, STC elected officials not only are not paid, they are not even fully reimbursed for expenses. In short, STC officers actually serve at their own cost. Often, board members forego even the small stipends they receive for expenses of traveling to board meetings.

    This speaks a level of dedication, and all of us who are regular members (as I now am) should remember that, and respect their service simply by reading the candidate statements and voting intelligently.

    The board of directors set policy for STC, and the nominating committee plays a strategic role in selecting candidates for the board. Together, they provide the governance that keeps our society going.

    So, to any readers who see this – yes, your vote counts, and it means a lot.

    1. Larry Kunz Post author

      Well said, Ray. Thanks for pointing out that STC officers serve without being fully reimbursed for their expenses. It speaks to the level of commitment that these people have.


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