Mission: TechComm – Making the impossible possible

Ethan Hunt, the hero of the Mission: Impossible movies, is pretty terrific. But he’s got nothing on you, the modern technical communicator.

Mission: Impossible movie posterEthan doesn’t flinch in the face of torture. You keep your cool in a room full of SMEs during a review meeting.

Ethan deals easily with spies and assorted bad guys from all over the world. He speaks their languages and he knows their every nuance. You localize your content for the nuances of an international audience, and you work with translators calmly and professionally.

Ethan is up on all of the latest computer technology, and so are you. (I wonder if Ethan knows DITA?)

Ethan is comfortable working under cover. You work out of the limelight, the project team sometimes totally unaware of the value you contribute.

Ethan’s at his best when on the run, staying one step ahead as killers chase him around the world. You stay ahead of schedule as deadlines run toward you.

And the really scary parts? Hanging on to the outside of airplanes and such? No more scary than when the project manager announces that two features have been cancelled and three new ones added — and the docs are still due next week.

So next time you’re on a project that seems impossible, remember that you’re an action hero. Accept your mission and go change the world.

Postscript: Do you know a good backronym I can use to rename my Tech Comm department to IMF? If so, please let me know.

9 thoughts on “Mission: TechComm – Making the impossible possible

  1. Mark Baker

    The old-school voice still buried somewhere in my psyche chirps up with: Information Marketing -Free.

    But no, folks, tech comm is marketing. All content is marketing.


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