Technical Communication A to Z

Last week Stan Carey, editor and blogger, gave us his A-to-Z of linguistics.

In the spirit of paying homage to Stan’s marvelous work, or maybe just in the spirit of crass plagiarism, I now present Technical Communication A to Z.

A is for agile, with scrums and with sprints;
B is for books, if you like yours in print.

dita-bird_0C is for content, which some say is king;
D is for DITA, it’s still evolving.

E is for editors, some gentle, some crusty;
F is for FrameMaker, solid and trusty.

G is for Google, our path to Page One;
H is for help systems, show how it’s done.

Jekyll software logo

I’d rather be writing is what I is for;
J is for Jekyll, which techies adore.

K is for KPIs, things that we measure;
L is for L10N, always a pleasure.

M is for Madcap, performing with Flare;
N is for new tech, devices you wear.

KeyboardO is for oXygen, and writing’s a breeze;
P is for PDF, ’cause we’re still killing trees.

Q is for QWERTY, for typing with speed;
R is for rewrites, from regal SMEs.

S is for STC, a group we all love;
T is for Tekom, same as above.

STC logoU is for users, who make it worthwhile;
V is for value, which always trumps style.

W is for Word, ubiquitous tool;
X is for XMetaL, shiny and cool.

Y is for yellow, as in Post-It notes,
Z is for zip files, and that’s all he wrote.

4 thoughts on “Technical Communication A to Z

  1. Vinish Garg (@vingar)

    Loved it though I would not have used any authoring tools. A few tools means making other tools low on merit. For me, ‘M’ goes for Metrics and not MadCap, and ‘F’ goes for Future-Proofing. I cannot think of anything for ‘X’!

    1. Larry Kunz Post author

      I’m glad you liked it, Vinish. Tools are such a big part of our lives as technical communicators, it wouldn’t have felt right to ignore them completely. But my omitting a tool shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that I think less of it. Just that it didn’t fit alphabetically.


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