Ten Years from Now

Ten years from now, fellow technical communicator, if your expectations come to pass, you’ll still be working in the profession — perhaps as an information architect, content strategist, or consultant.

It’s about fifty-fifty as to whether you’ll be following the career path you’re now embarked on, or doing something new. Either way, you’ll still be creating content.

Quill penRecently I asked you to take a survey about what work you’ll be doing in ten years. 14 out of 19 respondents (74%) expect to be in Tech Comm or a related profession.

The top roles you see yourselves filling, besides content developer: information designer/architect (53%), content strategist (42%), manager (37%), consultant (37%), editor (37%).

To prepare for your future, you’re engaging in informal training (79%), promoting yourself (63%), building a network (58%), learning new skills on the job (42%), and taking formal courses (37%).

But you’re not looking for another job. Only one respondent claimed to be job-hunting, suggesting that almost all of you are satisfied with your current positions and feel secure there. I found that response, especially its near unanimity, to be the most surprising result of the survey.

The least surprising? Whatever new roles you’ll take on, you don’t plan to give up writing. 17 out of 19 (89%) expect to be creating content ten years from now. As one respondent wrote, “I have come to feel in the last few months that writing gives me most satisfaction. So… I should be doing that for the rest of my life apart from anything else that [I] will be doing in the future.”

I totally get that. I’ve filled a lot of roles in my career, but writing is still at the heart of the way I see myself as a professional.

With these survey results, I also see myself surrounded by professional colleagues who find their work exciting and rewarding. That’s a great place to be.

See the full survey results (PDF): TechnicalCommSurveyJuly2014

Thanks to all who participated in the survey.

Are you surprised by any of the survey results? What else do you see yourself and your colleagues doing ten years from now?

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