Today is our day

May 13I hereby propose that we celebrate today, May 13, as the first annual Salute to Technical Communicators Day (STC Day, for short). I trust that all mayors, governors, etc., who read this will issue the appropriate proclamations.

Why May 13? Because it’s the anniversary of the last original episode of Columbo, the TV series in which Peter Falk played Lieutenant Columbo, a rumpled and inquisitive detective.

Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo

The patron saint of technical communicators

Columbo’s tag line (“Just one more question”), and the fact that he was always underestimated, make him the patron saint of technical communicators.

Who better to represent those of us who pursue every scrap of knowledge for our readers’ benefit? Who better to represent those of us who contribute so much and whose value is so often overlooked?

Why a day to salute technical communicators? Well, why not?

I’m planning some exciting activities for STC Day. Feel free to suggest others in the comments.

  • Get your SMEs to bake brownies for you.
  • Throw a book-sprint party.
  • Read that favorite manual (RTFM): We all have a favorite piece of technical documentation. Pull it off the shelf and enjoy it all over again. Share it on Goodreads, Twitter, and anywhere else you like.
  • Hang a big STC banner on your favorite freeway overpass.
  • Eat lots of chocolate. Because….do you need an excuse?
Image source: IMDB

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